removing programs... sort of?

there's this one program - typing instructor deluxe - that was on my machine that i never use (well, ok, i'd occasionally clock how fast i type - it's around seventy words per minute but with a lot of mistakes if i can't use backspace) and it was, holy holly, it was huge. and my machine was critically low on space, so i thought i'd delete some useless stuff. but its uninstall didn't work, possibly didn't even exist. (it's been on my cattop for, what, years? so it's been through a lot of machine crashes) so, i google 'uninstall programs manually' and i get this nice tutorial - you can find it here - problem is, it's all DOS and i don't really know any DOS - at all. ya, sad, isn't it?
but here's the possibly useful thing. i hold no illusions that this got the whole sock-darned thing out of my cattop, but at least it cleared 450 mb - i went to my computer> c drive> [...i think] cosima's documents> well some way or another i got to program files, and i went to its folder and deleted it. so that's a simple way of getting most of a program off of one's machine, i guess. hope it's useful to you and that the all-lowercase isn't too annoying - remember, it's only until january 7th!

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