more spiced ham

what happened? suddenly i'm getting quite a bit of spiced ham! three more lottery things (get it into your thick heads, people, i'm not in the uk!) and one that got past my filter and so i shall post it:


I am Major Andrew Biko, squadron leader with the ECOMOG (Economic
Community of Africa Monitoring Group) Army; I requests your co-operation in
this confidential transaction of cash money amounting to total sum of
Thirty-Two Million United States Dollars into your facility. before the
My squad and I secured this fund during the course of our duty in the
invading of the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) guerilla rebel camp in
Angola, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone and
Liberia where they trade Conflict Diamond for Amunition . Due to our
sensitive position and civil code of conduct, which does not allow us
to own or operate foreign bank accounts and many other Rigorously benchmark, we
seek your cooperation in this deal to externalize this fund.
We will provide you with the necessary logistics for this project if
you are interested in this deal, please reply to my personal mailbox:

Yours sincerely.
Major Andrew Biko

someone please spam his email address. he deserves it, for crimes against inboxes, grammar and proper capitalization*. and some of the phrases he used belong in an rpg!

oh, and name change notification thing - due to a joke, oreoboy is oreozerg when he's being a... *refrains from saying what "methe"i called potato king*

*which usually i advocate but for the vacations i write in all lowercase, justine larbalstier-esque-ly.

i pronounce it mee-thee. it's a translation, more or less, of the first two syllables of her name - the only ones i know how to spell.

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