Look, I do write! I **do**!

Just because I don't have the time to type if I want to keep my scholarship doesn't mean I don't have plenty of ideas, my head like a bag of popcorn in the microwave oven of the multiverse: ideas going pop pop pop pop pop pop!

I don't really even have this time, but I'm stealing it, so I can type this poem up:

Say This In Lieu of a Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to this Thing
A pledge, allegiance doesn't bring
It doesn't matter anyway
Just something that you only say
To look good, something that you do
So teachers will not yell at you
So go on, don't let me interrupt
I'm 'sorry' if I was abrupt
And rude, since I spoke the Truth

A most treacherous thing, that is
That bites the hand, that fans the flames
Of defiance, which makes people thing
Compliance kind of sucks...
So why should we do it? We shouldn't?
Then screw it! The pens are in our hands
Have at it!

Truth makes for independent thoughts
Which leaves civilizations all distraught
The only way to have society
Is to live with absolute piety
With the doctrines of no new ideas
Individuality being the highest sin
That anyone can deal in
Averageness the highest virtue
(Don't stand out, the world might bite you)
That to heaven (or something) lets you go,

But you know? Heaven has always seemed
To me, only a pale smokescreen between
Something and something else,
Not somewhere in itself
But hey! How could I know
How could you know
How could anyone know?
We can't - what remains to discuss?

I pledge allegiance to this thing
But I don't, really, just pull the string
To see the truth or a different lie;
Someday even death may die.



Guess Who is visiting?

Oreo-zerg, oreo-zerg,
Does whatever a zerg/cookie hybrid does....
Oh my gods, now I can't
Get the image
Out of my head
Run away, it's oreo-zerg

Yeah. And, no, we haven't been watching the Simpsons Movie... of course we haven't... yeah... the hand wavey thing will erase all your memories...
No, we didn't make cookies... And we didn't eat cookies... Or prodigious amounts of Hershey's Kisses... or brownies... or hotdogs... Nooo... Of course not...
And there's no way that we were obsessively playing games of set, over and over and over...

ha, we pwn!




plus, blogger is being very annoying, won't let me add widgets, so even when I get the masthead acceptable I will not be able to put it up. it will be up ASAP, but ASAP might not be that soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I liked the original too, but circumstances, causes, and effects outside of my understanding and/or control have conspired to get whirled peas off. sorry to the offended and/or annoyed parties. even though the masthead was not made at a party.


Two mastheads no more!!

I fixed it! Well, sorta! It'll still need work to be permanent, but, hey! It's no more double-vision! Yay!!

[Naren notes - WHO GAVE 369 CHOCOLATE?? Or sugar? Or - what?! She's hyper! Too many exclamation points - that is bad, it's even influencing me---
[Cosima informs Naren that it might be wise to shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up now.]

If you guess what is quoting a song and where the lyrics are from I'll make March's masthead in your honor. (I'd make January, but Jan.'s done and Feb.'s background's done and the foreground would be in the works if I had remembered my sketchybook.)

369'll rescue the page... later!

Yes, I am aware that there are two mastheads. That's what I get for trying to center it! And I've got a January masthead and a Feb. in the works, so I'll end up having to repeat the process, around and around! ANYway, the two mastheads - 369'll fix everything. Just not now. (369 is me when (poly? I wish. Discuss)mathy.) Because right now I am blogging from a computer that is not my own.
Have fun! I'll be back with your unreliable, non-hiatused, no-way-is-it-normal bite-sized insanity soon! And even, perhaps, with a decent template! (The Thisaway Blue is only because it went well with the masthead. Please do not be tempted to make jokes about regressions to sixthgraderhood! (As if anyone would, but it makes me feel better to pretend that there are readers, and readers who would joke ;S )) Be that as it may, gotta go - there is movie and this compu's keyboard is impossible. I like mine better!


december masthead

Here it is, the final! Peas on earth, goodwill to cats!

here it is with no text.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS MORE THAN DUE: utterly, supersentiently fexelent photoshop brushes from designfrut (specifically, fresh foliage) and =scully7491 (to be exact, starlight brushes). background image came with my little portable 1gb hard drive.

The stars are supposed to be snow. Can you tell I've never seen it?

if you take advantage of the lack of text however i'll hack your site and crash it! and, yes, i'll learn to hack just for revenge. i hold grudges! *creepy, evil grin*

removing programs... sort of?

there's this one program - typing instructor deluxe - that was on my machine that i never use (well, ok, i'd occasionally clock how fast i type - it's around seventy words per minute but with a lot of mistakes if i can't use backspace) and it was, holy holly, it was huge. and my machine was critically low on space, so i thought i'd delete some useless stuff. but its uninstall didn't work, possibly didn't even exist. (it's been on my cattop for, what, years? so it's been through a lot of machine crashes) so, i google 'uninstall programs manually' and i get this nice tutorial - you can find it here - problem is, it's all DOS and i don't really know any DOS - at all. ya, sad, isn't it?
but here's the possibly useful thing. i hold no illusions that this got the whole sock-darned thing out of my cattop, but at least it cleared 450 mb - i went to my computer> c drive> [...i think] cosima's documents> well some way or another i got to program files, and i went to its folder and deleted it. so that's a simple way of getting most of a program off of one's machine, i guess. hope it's useful to you and that the all-lowercase isn't too annoying - remember, it's only until january 7th!

more spiced ham

what happened? suddenly i'm getting quite a bit of spiced ham! three more lottery things (get it into your thick heads, people, i'm not in the uk!) and one that got past my filter and so i shall post it:


I am Major Andrew Biko, squadron leader with the ECOMOG (Economic
Community of Africa Monitoring Group) Army; I requests your co-operation in
this confidential transaction of cash money amounting to total sum of
Thirty-Two Million United States Dollars into your facility. before the
My squad and I secured this fund during the course of our duty in the
invading of the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) guerilla rebel camp in
Angola, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone and
Liberia where they trade Conflict Diamond for Amunition . Due to our
sensitive position and civil code of conduct, which does not allow us
to own or operate foreign bank accounts and many other Rigorously benchmark, we
seek your cooperation in this deal to externalize this fund.
We will provide you with the necessary logistics for this project if
you are interested in this deal, please reply to my personal mailbox:

Yours sincerely.
Major Andrew Biko

someone please spam his email address. he deserves it, for crimes against inboxes, grammar and proper capitalization*. and some of the phrases he used belong in an rpg!

oh, and name change notification thing - due to a joke, oreoboy is oreozerg when he's being a... *refrains from saying what "methe"i called potato king*

*which usually i advocate but for the vacations i write in all lowercase, justine larbalstier-esque-ly.

i pronounce it mee-thee. it's a translation, more or less, of the first two syllables of her name - the only ones i know how to spell.


While figuring out Very Temporary Sleeping Arrangements

"I am an adept at sleeping on couches."

Guess the context. No, it's not disgusting or anything like that. But I found it funny.


Mysterious... Thingy... of... thing!

Well, so, yeah...
I had this mysterious Hanukkah present. Thing. That Dad was on the phone for most of Sunday and Monday trying to finagle. Well, he told me what it is...
(bit of background here - I have been running Photoshop Elements 2 for as long as I've had this computer, pretty much - longer than I've had Seh's trusty tablety sidekick of doom - and boy oh boy was I surprised when I found out there was 5 while reading the comments on Scott Westerfeld's blog while people waited for the Author to post so that they could, theoretically, win a copy of Extras - "I'm downloading a demo of Photoshop Elements 5 while I wait." "I'm having pizza." "Cool, pizza." "Yum." "I'm hungry." "I'm eating popcorn." "Popcorn and bloggery? Party down!" "Wait, Photoshop Elements 5? WOW! What's it like???" "Um, shiny?" - and shiny is good, right? Right?)


A most unaspicious date

Not that I had a bad day or anything, but I like doing what I refer to as "reducing" numbers, plus I'm a bit Midnighters-obsessed at the moment (Read Scott Westerfeld's books) after having read Touching Darkness (no I don't have the first one. Or Blue Noon) so I've been poking at every number I find - and twelves, twelves, are very very bad.

Look. 12 (day) + 12 (month)= 24 (bad). Now, 24 (=12+12) + 9 (2+0+0+7= 2+7= 9) = 33, and I don't know what I think about 33 - elevens aren't that good, but I stand by my beloved 3s - and - hey! 1+2+2+1= 6 again and... um. Again, don't know much about 6s.
And, for the heck of it (haven't done this yet) let's see...
t-w-e-v-l-e-d-e-c-e-m-b-e-r is 1-2-3-4-5-6 + 2, 4, 6, 8 so that's, ah, fourteen? Not as bad as the rest...
And d-e-c-e-m-b-e-r-t-w-e-l-f-t-h is 8, and, um, and, um (these are really my thought processes as I do this - I wuves math, but this is boring, even if it's numerology, because I can't skip steps because I'm typing them up!) 7, so that's - 15? Don't know anything about 15s.
Still, even if the letter counts result fairly neutral, twelves are icky--

*counting occurs*
14+19= 33, again!
Huh. I still don't like the twelves, though.

(19= number of letters in Two Thousand and Seven that I came up with. I may be wrong, I'm addled at the moment.)

FYI, if you read By Freaks, For Freaks - I have two book reports from English class and on Friday I'm going to write an essay thing on why (well, in some cases middling and higher) YA is preferable to - IMHO - all other age ranges in books. I'll post all three, theoretically, during the vacation, but also during the vacation I have to work on peoples's presents, They are leaving us several projects, and Maestra Olga EspaƱol expects me to illustrate my dictionary and work on my book project, too. For the presents, however, I will post the better results here and (hopefully) on DeviantArt. Also, I'm going to digitize some of my better done projects, since the plant one is universally turning brown.

W... T... H?!

Suddenly, I'm getting (for me) record amounts of spam! Holy Goldfish, what in the worlds happened to gMail's most auspicious capacity for finding spam? (not that my accounts've had much practice) This is my second spam email in the last two weeks! I still find them funny though. You see, I've never even been to the UK!

TICKET NUMBER:005-4432-971-878

We are pleased to inform you today of the result of the winners of the UK
You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of £1,000,000
(One Million Britain pounds sterlings) in cash credited to file
To file for your claim, please contact our claims agent;
Dr. Pinkett Griffin
Email: claimsdepts21@yahoo.de
TELL:+44 7045708136

Provide him with the information below:
1.Full Name:2.Full Address:3.Marital Status:4.Occupation:5.Age:
6.Sex:7.Nationality:8.Country Of Residence:9.Telephone Number:

Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program.
Mrs. Rose Wood

Hm, "Staffs"? *grabs a nine of wands card* *waves a clenched fist over it* *SPARKLIES!!* *she now has nine "staffs"* Like this?