I am sick. Strep throat. This has happened before. "How dreadful," you might say? No, not really. I rather like it. It's my first opportunities at a day or two or - Gods above! Dare I hope? - three off, off from school and off from headaches and off from dealing with the Ki'set'tch* . And it gives me a chance to blog, if I allow some homework to wilt a little.

*Just in case Blogger re-screws-up my acronym tag, it should say: the idiots, the great unwashed, the useless, the nuisances, the... most of my classmates.

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Anonymous said...

You!!! :)... Still going strong I see... I took a brief hiatus but now I am back. Still the same blog but I am about to overhaul the page entirely... When I have time...

Good to read your post!

Completely random... You remind me of that girl from Man on Fire with Denzel Washington... not Dakota Fanning herself but the CHARACTER she plays... Yeah... Just the whole Mexico thing...