Post from Hell - Oops, I mean School

Okay. I am writing this at school so I’ve got to be double-quick, and Gods on a pogo stick is that hard when the keyboard is an English one but the computer thinks it’s Spanish. In other words, everything I write gets all messed up.
So. I have not posted, and am sorry. But there’s not much I can do about it right now, as the teacher will be back in T-minus blank, ready to kill me.
Just wanted you to know I haven’t died or anything. And FYI, By Freaks, For Freaks is cool, and that is not self-promotion, as I have not done anything yet. I’m just saying I respect Bloody Awful Poetry, International Mastermind, and Theatre-Teen Vegan, so check the blog out. It posts more often than here, too.
Oh. And Potato, who is sitting behind me RIGHT NOW so I have to invent a pseudo on the fly, is the KING of IDIOTS. Yes, the KING. He’s THAT stupid.
(No, formatting is NOT working for this gods-forsaken machine. Because it SUCKS!)

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