Template Issues

Well, I've switch'd to a slightly nicer Thisaway Rose, the pink version of IRCaF!'s. I might switch to Ms. Moto, but if you see Minima, that is my very vague base, it will mean I really am working on this template thing.
And then you will see something completely different!
Well, not really. Raining Noodles readers will recognize some of it, as I admire the color-coding, the minimalism, and it is a complete coincidence that it will all be Lucida Sans Unicode (Vitally different from Lucida Sans, at least to a semi-typography geek like me who id's fonts on sight.) - it's unicode, after all.

[Update] I switched to something completely different! Sentients, say hello to Son of Moto, also known as Attack of the Green, or at least thus I have coined it. Enjoy. This gives no hint of my neeeeew plaans! Mwahahaha! [/Update but not Insanity]

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