Look, I do write! I **do**!

Just because I don't have the time to type if I want to keep my scholarship doesn't mean I don't have plenty of ideas, my head like a bag of popcorn in the microwave oven of the multiverse: ideas going pop pop pop pop pop pop!

I don't really even have this time, but I'm stealing it, so I can type this poem up:

Say This In Lieu of a Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to this Thing
A pledge, allegiance doesn't bring
It doesn't matter anyway
Just something that you only say
To look good, something that you do
So teachers will not yell at you
So go on, don't let me interrupt
I'm 'sorry' if I was abrupt
And rude, since I spoke the Truth

A most treacherous thing, that is
That bites the hand, that fans the flames
Of defiance, which makes people thing
Compliance kind of sucks...
So why should we do it? We shouldn't?
Then screw it! The pens are in our hands
Have at it!

Truth makes for independent thoughts
Which leaves civilizations all distraught
The only way to have society
Is to live with absolute piety
With the doctrines of no new ideas
Individuality being the highest sin
That anyone can deal in
Averageness the highest virtue
(Don't stand out, the world might bite you)
That to heaven (or something) lets you go,

But you know? Heaven has always seemed
To me, only a pale smokescreen between
Something and something else,
Not somewhere in itself
But hey! How could I know
How could you know
How could anyone know?
We can't - what remains to discuss?

I pledge allegiance to this thing
But I don't, really, just pull the string
To see the truth or a different lie;
Someday even death may die.

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