369'll rescue the page... later!

Yes, I am aware that there are two mastheads. That's what I get for trying to center it! And I've got a January masthead and a Feb. in the works, so I'll end up having to repeat the process, around and around! ANYway, the two mastheads - 369'll fix everything. Just not now. (369 is me when (poly? I wish. Discuss)mathy.) Because right now I am blogging from a computer that is not my own.
Have fun! I'll be back with your unreliable, non-hiatused, no-way-is-it-normal bite-sized insanity soon! And even, perhaps, with a decent template! (The Thisaway Blue is only because it went well with the masthead. Please do not be tempted to make jokes about regressions to sixthgraderhood! (As if anyone would, but it makes me feel better to pretend that there are readers, and readers who would joke ;S )) Be that as it may, gotta go - there is movie and this compu's keyboard is impossible. I like mine better!

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