Jacket theft foiled!

Well at the festival which ends today I was carrying around my Olimpiada jacket since the Kamikaze made having a jacket useless (I don't want my jacket soaked in cold sweat, thank-you-very-much-and-have-a-nice-monkey) so then we went on the trampoline only later I was cold, so I went for my jacket only - what the bleepka? - it wasn't there, so I was chanting "oh [expletive] [expletive] [expletive], my mom's gonna kill me if I loose that jacket, my mom's gonna kill me if I loose that jacket then I'll revive me and re-kill me argh! [Expletive]! [Expletive]! I am so DEAD!" ("But, I like you better when you're not dead!" protested OreoBoy. Good to hear!). So, we went through the mandatory 'but I've looked everywhere!'-inducing list of places we'd been. Since the Kamikaze? Um, let's see.... the tin stand of the mayonaise-and-corn-and-churro-and-soda-and-aguas-de-variable-x-vendor-person, and the trampoline. So we went back to the trampoline, and looked, and I thought, well, it isn't on the chair, maybe the lady saw it, or maybe that awful kid who I'd like to introduce to the culinary delights of STCFMBRAAR (Stuff That Causes Fairly Mild But Really Annoying Allergic Reactions) grabbed it, because though he's, like, eight it is a nice jacket. But when we were asking the lady OreoBoy says he saw her pushing something under her shawl, but I think he's showing off, because I saw the swatch of navy as well, and picked at it - much to her chagrin I think - but I for some reason thought my jacket's lining was gray, not white, so I turned to go away and OreoBoy says, 'Hey, what's this?' and grabs it out from under the lady and lo and behold if it isn't glowing slightly weather-beatenly, '[iNitiAlS Of MY StAtE]' on the back!
So now OreoBoy has huge bragging rights, bah.

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