Did you know?

Well, my computer's running Windows XP so it might be different for people on different Windowses and it's definitely different for different OSs, but if you delete stuff permanently from the outset, instead of a page flying of it's own accord into a trash can, it's a page crumpling itself up, then turning into a little firework. Cute.
Why am I deleting stuff from the outset? Because I did a really stupid thing, I set a hard drive to back itself up, and said hard drive is now full. So I'm deleting all record of it backing itself up, only Windows wouldn't let me send it to Recycling, so I'm trying to delete it all but my dear Windows is being odd. And here I thought an eighty gig hard drive was the solution to all my problems; now, disillusioned, I wish for a terabyte and a USB hub.

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