Hurricanes, Hurricanes, Hurricanes!

I've heard it's ran aground now but there's still quite a lot of wind and stuff. Glee. And Felix might cross over the skinny bit of Central America and give us grief. That would be pretty insulting; who wants a secondhand hurricane?
Well, as long as I'm talking 'bout weather, just warning you, I might go AWOL for a while. Jeez that's a lot of wind.
And while we're on weather Sunday we had an earthquake! Check Dad's blog for the details that I am too lazy to post at the minute. I'll give you my views and some info if I can dig it up... Later!

PS- You might wonder why I'm using this lousy Minima template (I mean, no offense to the Minima guy, but it is not bubbly. At all.). Well, it's homework and laziness and the fact that a template is a work of several days while since I have been forbidded from hibernation of the Cattop, my work is restricted to one day, then start from scratch. Neh.
I've been trying to at least get the parts of the layout I've got to do in blogger's imperfect, bogus WYSIWYG to work, but they won't. Baaaaah.
Just overheard: "C'mere, Estrella!"
(Estrella is my doggy)
"C'mere, girl! C'mon!"
*Estrella runs away*
"No, Estrella, come-!"
*Estrella's out in the rain*
And despite what it may look like, Estrella is not stupid. Far from it. She's pretty darn smart. She thought she was in trouble is all.

PPS- This wind is so strong, even the screen that actually fits in the window blew out. Although it had been dislodged once today already. Funny story behind that. I'll tell you later. It's kind of long.

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